Short and sweet

A dirty old chest infection has made getting out and about very low down on the list of things to do for the last month, whilst coughing my lungs up and being really grumpy have conversely shot to the top of said list. With the weather as good as it could be (i.e. not pissing down) and the late Sunday evening leaving the roads quiet I nipped out for a 40 mile spin beyond Nottingham. The recent endless downpours had left their mark with the banks of the Trent looking close to bursting and a low sun peeked out from behind some gloomy grey clouds that promised more rain. Nonetheless it was great to be out for just a few hours and the cobwebs felt well and truly dusted off.

In a couple of weeks I’m planning a solo trip up the Cairngorms and will be hopefully catching a train up to Aviemore to spend a week walking over some big hills with a bit of sleeping out and probably a bothy or two.

4 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. Just saying to hubby now – having just passed a couple of DofE groups on the road who were still smiling through the pissing down rain – that if you’re determined to wait for good weather to do things at the moment, you’d never get out!
    Maybe you’ll be lucky and it’ll be lovely in the Cairngorms anyway… 🙂

    1. Couldn’t agree more and sometimes you just have to adapt to the weather. I’ve been on some really great long runs in the rain in the last few weeks, not great for backpacking or road riding, but running in the rain is actually a bit of a treat. I was just thinking how dry Winter was as well, maybe I’ll just do all my backpacking at Christmas!

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