a few of my favourite things

Here’s my best of 2012, unlabelled and in no particular order (apologies OCD sufferers) a selection of photos of places I explored and enjoyed over the last 12 months, sometimes alone, sometimes with good friends and sometimes with my two boys.

Happy New Year to you, whoever and wherever you are. img_8562 img_8547 img_8504 img_8512

sept-2012-016 img_8688 img_8627

img_1809 img_1791 img_1627 img_1060 digi-cam-oct-2012-509 digi-cam-oct-2012-514 dsc_0797 dsc_7837

img_0082 img_0105 img_0123 img_0729 img_0773 img_1041

sunsetting over storm in Islay sun rise loch tarbert spooky alien tent long exposure climbing to ben garrisdale

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