Howgills : November 2017

Just a quick overnighter as Winter was on the way in, setting out from Ravenstonedale at the end of November, it was a bright day with very strong northerly winds adding a sharp chill to the air. I’d forgotten how steep the Howgills are, relentlessly so. Coming off the south slope of Randygill Knott I had to rest on the way down as well as the way up to give my knees a break.  I camped in an identical spot to a few years ago, well sheltered aside a stream in a steep sided valley having made my way down after a freezing sunset and fell asleep to the sound of running water. In a further instance of history repeating I also came across a young wild horse skull complete with the mandible nearby. The last one I found now sits pristine white on a bookshelf at home (with a full set of upper teeth too). I left this one behind as it was so heavy but who knows, I might head back and see if it’s still there next year and gets bleached by the sun. DCIM102GOPROG0601809.JPGhowgills4DCIM102GOPROGOPR1822.JPGDCIM102GOPROGOPR1831.JPG


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