Small steps…

For Rufus’ first proper backpack we kept the route short and the plan simple; an amble and a scramble up and over the knobbled summit of Causey Pike following the ridge to Sail before dropping down to the valley to camp. It was a still and balmy afternoon in late September, warm enough to make the ascent […]

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The Great Outdoors

Just a quick post to say that Rufus and I can be found among the pages of the latest copy of The Great Outdoors in a feature called ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ that tells a story of his first backpacking adventure, a walk and a wild camp in the north western fells undertaken last […]

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A Snowy Kentmere Horseshoe

It wasn’t looking good. Obsessively checking MWIS all day and every day did very little to physically shift the forecast from heavy rain and 100mph winds and looking generally grim all over, the uninviting Met Office mountain forecast actually used the word ‘abysmal’ to describe the level of visibility expected in Cumbria on the coming Monday. […]

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Glaramara in the Mist

November 2013: Saturday night had been stretched well into the small hours  of Sunday morning celebrating a good friend’s wedding in Liverpool, knowing that my body clock doesn’t allow for lay ins I’d chucked a pack in the back of the car and planned an early getaway driving north to Cumbria and sleeping on a […]

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