2016 “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

A few photos of a few places taken over the last twelve months; some with the kids, some with friends, mostly alone. Some from trips that were many months in the making, others from trips that were planned an hour before leaving the house. Numerous trips were cancelled, postponed and rearranged due to what’s been something of an […]

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All White on the Whyte

With the UK sitting under a generous helping of snow, I took the opportunity to steal away for a few hours on Sunday and head out into the frozen monochrome hinterland of North Notts on my Whyte 901 to find some fresh unspoilt deep snow drifts to ride through. A less successful venture earlier in […]

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a few of my favourite things

Here’s my best of 2012, unlabelled and in no particular order (apologies OCD sufferers) a selection of photos of places I explored and enjoyed over the last 12 months, sometimes alone, sometimes with good friends and sometimes with my two boys. Happy New Year to you, whoever and wherever you are.

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Long and Sweet

The seemingly endless deluge of rain had a brief cessation for about 10 hours last Wednesday and was replaced by something closely resembling a normal Summers day. I’d placed an undue amount of faith in the weather forecast a few days before and booked a bit of afternoon time off work to get a decent […]

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Short and sweet

A dirty old chest infection has made getting out and about very low down on the list of things to do for the last month, whilst coughing my lungs up and being really grumpy have conversely shot to the top of said list. With the weather as good as it could be (i.e. not pissing […]

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