ten miles in, ten miles out

Another night, another run out to the dark peak. The Saturday nearest to solstice was warm and cloudy and gave no need to pack any more than the bare essentials; in this case a sleeping bag with a bivi, a new light airbed, a head torch, some instant coffee, pasta, a pot and a meths stove. […]

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Something simple

A night camped out on the lonely grassy moors around Bleaklow almost feels like returning home after a longer trip. Having nearly dried out from a spectacular backpack in the northwest highlands a few weeks had passed, which is just long enough for itchy feet to be setting in, a simple night on the hills was needed. Only an hour away by […]

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Schools out

When the school announced a strike on Thursday we decided to express our unconditional support for better pay and conditions for teachers by heading up to the peaks for a 7.5 mile wander. Starting from Hope we took a path up to Lose Hill for a picnic in the sunshine before heading the ridge to Back Tor and Hollins Cross before […]

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Less is more…

An overnight trip to one of the quieter corners of the peak district with virtually no route planning, a fairly light pack and little more than an hours drive was a good reminder of the pleasure to be found in enjoying the simpler things in life. All we had planned was a few miles walk to an […]

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The Giant Black Bird Cloud

We nearly didn’t bother going, it was getting late on a Sunday afternoon, it was cold out and looked a little cloudy and the idea of sticking a good film on, lighting the fire and staying cosy was winning the battle against ambivalence. They both had school the next day and I was back at […]

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