2016 “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

A few photos of a few places taken over the last twelve months; some with the kids, some with friends, mostly alone. Some from trips that were many months in the making, others from trips that were planned an hour before leaving the house. Numerous trips were cancelled, postponed and rearranged due to what’s been something of an […]

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Small steps…

For Rufus’ first proper backpack we kept the route short and the plan simple; an amble and a scramble up and over the knobbled summit of Causey Pike following the ridge to Sail before dropping down to the valley to camp. It was a still and balmy afternoon in late September, warm enough to make the ascent […]

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Hafod: a summer resting place

At the far end of Cwm Cywarch, one of the quieter corners of Snowdonia, a faded tatty information poster framed in wood describes the old system of transhumance. Farmers would move their livestock around the mountains between higher and lower pastures in time with the seasons, staying on higher ground during the warmer summer months and retreating down to the […]

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a night in the hole

Towards the end of a three day backpack around the Cheviot Hills last autumn, the vista of broad grassy tops was suddenly interrupted by a deep plunging cleft marked on the map as Hen Hole. A dramatic glaciated gorge with a high waterfall and steep craggy slopes about a mile or so west of The Cheviot summit. The dense gathering of contour lines on the map suggested […]

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Something simple

A night camped out on the lonely grassy moors around Bleaklow almost feels like returning home after a longer trip. Having nearly dried out from a spectacular backpack in the northwest highlands a few weeks had passed, which is just long enough for itchy feet to be setting in, a simple night on the hills was needed. Only an hour away by […]

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2014: a year outside

A year bookended by long dark winter camps where frost coated the tent and hot drinks were made on repeat for the sole purpose of staying warm. As the months passed and the days grew longer and warmer  endless summer days were spent backpacking; travelling light, walking till sundown and setting off again at dawn. All in […]

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