2014: a year outside

A year bookended by long dark winter camps where frost coated the tent and hot drinks were made on repeat for the sole purpose of staying warm. As the months passed and the days grew longer and warmer  endless summer days were spent backpacking; travelling light, walking till sundown and setting off again at dawn. All in […]

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A Snowdonia Solstice Backpack

Total Distance 49.3km Height Ascended 5017m Sunday began with a small mountain of fathers day pancakes, the main course of a breakfast date with the wee mountain goats and their mum, but there’s only so much fried batter and maple syrup a man can consume. So with a light pack and some blocked arteries it made […]

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An Afternoon Scramble on An Teallach

Regardless from which side you look at it, whether from a great distance or at close range, An Teallach (‘the forge’) is a formidable sight. The jagged pinnacles of Corrag Bhuide appear like black shattered teeth protruding into the sky, so sharp and pointed that it’s easy to imagine cutting yourself at the summit whilst the ridges look to […]

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