Schools out

When the school announced a strike on Thursday we decided to express our unconditional support for better pay and conditions for teachers by heading up to the peaks for a 7.5 mile wander. Starting from Hope we took a path up to Lose Hill for a picnic in the sunshine before heading the ridge to Back Tor and Hollins Cross before […]

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A Snowdonia Solstice Backpack

Total Distance 49.3km Height Ascended 5017m Sunday began with a small mountain of fathers day pancakes, the main course of a breakfast date with the wee mountain goats and their mum, but there’s only so much fried batter and maple syrup a man can consume. So with a light pack and some blocked arteries it made […]

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A summer backpack round yorkshire

For no particular reason the Yorkshire Dales has been an area that has been frequently passed through but seldom visited over the last few years. A warm weekend just before solstice gave a perfect opportunity to make up for lost time by spending some long summer hot days wandering North Yorkshire and spending the shortest nights of the year […]

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Glaramara in the Mist

November 2013: Saturday night had been stretched well into the small hours  of Sunday morning celebrating a good friend’s wedding in Liverpool, knowing that my body clock doesn’t allow for lay ins I’d chucked a pack in the back of the car and planned an early getaway driving north to Cumbria and sleeping on a […]

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